Migrate Your Resources To Azure

Emerging IT Trends

Internet Of Things

In today’s dynamic business landscape Cloud migration brings your business the necessary agility, mobility, and performance required to maintain a competitive business advantage. However, cloud migration across an enterprise is a challenging task. Xumerz’s has many years of experience in migrating IT resources to the cloud efficiently. Our team works with your organization from requirements, architecture, and development, to post release maintenance to drive you to success.

Cloud Application

Implementing, maintaining and managing the applications in Microsoft Azure/ AWS services, storage, and analytics

Office 365

Implementing Microsoft’s SaaS offerings like Office 365, CRM Online and Exchange Online


Migrating IT resources to Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid Office

Implementing a hybrid system where the on-premises IT resources work in interrelation with Azure resources.

Mobile App

Mobile app development iOS and Android. Including server side secure JSON services.

Performance System

Building highly available and infinitely scalable cloud service applications and APIs.

IOT Design and Implementation

Cloud connected IOT devices with RTOS (TI/Free), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Particle.

Application Development

Application development, support, training, troubleshooting of distributed applications, covering all tiers including the database.


Web Development

Web sites development in the Azure web services using latest Microsoft technologies like Asp.net, MVC, aspnet Core.

Azure SQL

Leveraging Azure’s data storage capabilities in SQL, Document-DB and Mongo-DB by building data management and business analytics applications.

Collaboration with us

Collaborate with in-house development team on-site, off-site, by email, phone, video conferencing, Go-to-Meeting, or Remote Desktop.